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Jobs with a clear conscience

Despite the increasing number of Norwegians paying for casual labor, there is still a widespread social problem that leads to lost income and lower welfare benefits. According to a survey conducted by Opinion for the Tax Administration, about 40 percent responded that the opportunity to pay for legal labor would help reduce the use of casual work.

Most people who pay for casual services really want to pay for legal work, but since this is so complicated they choose to pay for casual work instead. We have therefore developed Velg Hvitt, a new app that makes it very easy for individuals to offer or buy small jobs legally and profitably. Examples of small jobs can be lawn mowing, cleaning, carpentry and painting.

When you use the app, you come under the authority’s regulations on tax exemption (VAT) and employer tax. The solution handles automatic registration, reporting, calculation and payment of tax to the tax authorities. That way you avoid selling or buying casual services. The actual purchase of the service is accomplished with just two simple clicks on the app.

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