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Why choose Velg Hvitt?

Velg Hvitt is a free app that makes it easy for individuals to offer or buy small jobs in a legal, profitable and easy way. The solution handles automatic registration, reporting and payment of taxes to the tax authorities, so you avoid selling or buying casual services. When payment is due, you will receive an SMS from Velg Hvitt with a link you can click on.

Watch the demo video here.

How much does the service cost?

Velg Hvitt is free to download for both buyer and provider of services. However, Velg Hvitt deducts a service fee from what the buyer has paid, before the provider deducts taxes and receives payment. Therefore, when the buyer and provider agree on the price, this must be taken into account. No VAT or employer tax is payable.

How is payment made?

All services in the Velg Hvitt app are easily paid for by using Vipps. The system automatically distributes the salary to the person who performed the work, tax deductions and a service fee to Velg Hvitt. Tax deductions and wages are paid on the day the payment is approved. In the app you will always find updated payment history.

What is the service charge?

Velg Hvitt calculates a service charge of 20 percent of the pay the providers themselves have specified. This goes to cover insurance, payment services and the operation of the app solution. The service fee is included in the provider’s hourly wage and deducted before tax is calculated.

How much is the salary?

The provider chooses the hourly wage, but keep in mind that 20 percent of the salary goes to Velg Hvitt service fee. This means that if you want an hourly wage of NOK 200 (before tax), you must ask for NOK 250 (NOK 250 – 20% = NOK 200).

The provider and buyer can also agree on a total price for the work in advance. For example, if a provider wants to paint a house for a total price of NOK 5,000 (before tax), the bidder must ask for NOK 6250 (NOK 6250 – 20% = NOK 5000).

When will I get paid?

Salary is paid on the same day as the buyer has accepted the payment request. Velg Hvitt has daily routines to follow this up.

Can I cancel an assignment?

The buyer can cancel the job in the Velg Hvitt app up to 48 hours before the agreed start date. The provider can also cancel a job if special events occur. If another provider is unable to complete the assignment, Velg Hvitt must be notified.

Can I offer as many services/jobs as I want?

In the Velg Hvitt app, you can offer as many services/jobs as you want across the country.

How do I handle tax and reporting?

Velg Hvitt handles tax and reporting automatically so you don’t have to do anything. This is also shown in the tax report on and in the tax calculation.

Do I as a buyer have to pay employee tax and / or VAT?

You do not have to pay employee tax or VAT when purchasing services from private providers if the amount is less than NOK 60,000 per year. If the amount exceeds this limit, you must pay the employer’s contribution calculated from the salary you have paid.

You can log in to and search for “A04” (report on paid work in the home) under “Your archive”. There you will see an overview of all A04 messages sorted by year, and get information on all amounts (gross salary and tax).

I can't find any providers where I live

We are constantly working on recruiting new providers. If you can’t find anyone nearby you can contact Velg Hvitt and we will do our best to find a provider for you.

I can't find the service I want

If you need a service that is not listed in the overview, you can contact us and we will do our best to find a provider that can help you.

Why do I have to enter my social security number?

In order for the tax to be registered correctly, you must enter your social security number when registering the tax on Without social security number no tax can be paid.

I can't find the service I want to offer

If you would like to offer a service that is not listed, please contact us and we will try to help you or get the service added on the next update.

Do I have to pay VAT and employee tax?

When working as a private individual, you should not pay VAT or employee contribution, as long as you work for less than NOK 60,000. per year per household. You also cannot have the service you are offering as a profession. In other words, if you are a carpenter, you cannot offer carpenter services.

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